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The Wings Airways and Taku Lodge DVD

Share and relive the majesty, exhilaration, and excitement of the Wings and Taku Lodge tours. Besides the amazing views of the natural beauty and wildlife, share in the rich history of Juneau and the Taku lodge. What a great gift!

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Secret Recipe Cookbook

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Taku Lodge China Platter - Cranberry Red

The same platters that we use to serve guests our famous feast of Taku River King Salmon. They come in three colors; Cranberry Red, Cobalt Blue, and Forrest Green. They are also lead free, oven safe, and made in the USA. Choose one, or all three.

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Taku Lodge China Platter - Cobalt Blue

The same platters that we use to serve guests our famous feast of Taku River King Salmon. They come in three colors; Cranberry Red, Cobalt Blue, and Forrest Green. They are also lead free, oven safe, and made in the USA. Choose one, or all three.

$54.00 each + Shipping

Taku Lodge China Platter - Forrest Green

The same platters that we use to serve guests our famous feast of Taku River King Salmon. They come in three colors; Cranberry Red, Cobalt Blue, and Forrest Green. They are also lead free, oven safe, and made in the USA. Choose one, or all three.

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Platter and Cook Book Combo

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Taku - by Karen Bell and Janet Shelfer

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The Historic Juneau, Alaska Taku Glacier Lodge - Past

Originally there was only the main Taku Lodge building; sleeping accommodations were in large tent frames. People and supplies were transported fromJuneau by riverboat or barge. Trips had to be timed at high tide for passage over the numerous sand bars in the river. Most supplies are still transported this way.

In the fall of 1930, Mrs. Erie L. Smith visited Taku Lodge while touring Southeast Alaskaon her yacht, the "Stella Maris". Mrs. Smith was the daughter and heir of lumber baron Leigh Hackley who was well known for his large bequests to the city of Muskegon, Michigan. Traveling with her son, Leigh Hackley, and her nurse, Mary Joyce, Mrs. Smith bought Twin Glacier Camp as a second home for both summer and winter use. Her son, Hack, stayed on at Taku Lodge year-round and Mary Joyce stayed as housekeeper and nurse. Hack kept a crew of men busy constructing new buildings and maintaining the place. The log cabins "Cedar" and "Killisnoo" were built at this time.

Mrs. Smith returned each spring with the "Stella Maris" loaded with supplies. The yacht was anchored in front of Taku Glacier and the supplies were ferried to the Taku Glacier Lodge by small boat. These included hay and feed for the purebred cow and herannual offspring. Since there were no bulls in the valley, the cow was barged to Juneau each fall season to be bred. She adapted well to life at the Taku Lounge; in fact, her favorite snack was raw salmon, which she would eat as fast as Hack could fillet it.

In 1934, Hack set out on a hunting trip on the Stikine River. While in Wrangell, he suffered a heart attack and died. In the spring, Mrs. Smith gave Taku Lodge to Mary Joyce, but she continued to come back each year as long as her health permitted. At the time of Hack's death, there were fourteen buildings, fifteen sled dogs, and three head of cattle.

Mary Joyce was an adventurous girl. When she received an invitation to participate in the 1936 Fairbanks Ice Carnival, she decided to make the trip overland by dog sled. She set out from the lodge in December of 1935 with five dogs and a loaded sled to travel 1,000 miles. She traveled much of the distance alone and used guides for portions of her trip. Commercial airliners followed her story and monitored her progress throughout her journey. Mary spent threemonths on the trail of which she actually traveled fifty-two days. She averaged twenty-miles a day in spite of temperatures to fifty degrees below zero and only a few hours of daylight each day. The sled and harness she used on the trip are on display at the Taku Lodge.

Mary and Hack had begun raising sled dogs during their years at the lodge, putting them to work in the winter hauling firewood and using them for travel on the frozen Taku River. After Mary's trip to Fairbanks, she began breeding a specific line of dogs whose sire was J.P., her lead dog on the 1,000-mile journey.

Mary's passion for travel took her out of Alaska as a flight attendant. However with her heart in Alaska she soon returned. Her next adventure was to become a pilot. The "T" shaped building on the riverbank at Taku Lodge was constructed as an airplane hangar but was never used. Mary opened Taku Lodge and operated it successfully as a tourist resort, calling it Twin Glacier Lodge. She owned Taku Lodge until 1942 when she sold it to Mr. and Mrs. Royal O'Reilly. In Juneau, Mary opened two bars on South Franklin Street and lived above the "Lucky Lady" until her death in 1976.

The Taku Lodge officially became Taku Glacier Lodge in 1949. There have been severalowners and many colorful stories since. In 1971, Taku Lodge was purchased by Ron Maas of Juneau. At the time of his purchase, Taku Lodge was in need of many basic repairs and had been closed for two years. Ron fell in love with the Taku Glacier Lodge and in 1972 he met Kathy whose dream was to live in the bush. They decided to devote the greater part of their lives to bringing Taku Lodge back to its original condition. They were married in front of the Taku Lodge granite fireplace in 1974. The Mass's used Taku Lodge as their home and retreat for six years, putting all their spare time and money into rebuilding the main Taku Lodge buildings. By 1979 the Maas's decided to share their love of the Taku Glacier Lodge with visitors of Southeast Alaska by offering the Wilderness Salmon Bake & Scenic Flight.





The Historic Juneau, Alaska Taku Glacier Lodge - Present

In 1993, the Maas family decided to retire and sold Taku Lodge to a Juneau couple, Ken and Michelle Ward. Ken was raised in Ketchikan, and moved to Juneau in 1967, where he later owned and operated an air taxi business, Juneau's Ward Air. Michelle was born in Seattle and raised at the Usibelli Coal Mine in Healy, Alaska. She has worked for Alaska Airlines since 1973. Ken and Michelle were married in 1985, and they have three children who were all born in Juneau (Michael "86", Natalie "88", and Buzz "89").

Also part of the family is the Taku Lodge watchdog Yellow Lab Rossignol, who follows in the footsteps of the famous Taku Lodge Black Lab, Disney. Since buying Taku Lodge, the Wards have also adopted several black bears that visit the glacier lodge quite frequently. The most famous being Scarface who visited Taku Glacier Lodge from 1985 until he passed on in 2002. Once Scarface gave up his reign, Taku Lodge was available to many other black bears, many of which are his offspring.

The landscape of the Taku Lodge changes drastically as winter sets in. The month of October is spent preparing Taku Lodge for the harshness of winter in the Juneau Glacier Valley. At Taku Lodge, snow can accumulate in excess of twelve feet and winds can reach over one hundred miles an hour. The Taku Glacier Lodge remains vacant until the spring when the staff returns to begin the thawing process. While summer travel is by floatplane, the frozen river requires the floats be replaced with skis to land on the frozen river near Taku Lodge. River valley transportation changes from boat access to snow machine travel.

Over the years, many people have called Taku Lodge home. Each summer a crew of nine employees occupy the small cabins surrounding Taku Lodge. Taku Glacier Lodge is their home away from home as they welcome guests each day of the summer season.

It is because of the wide variety of people involved with Taku Lodge, the many visitors, and the overall love for this magical place that the history of the Taku Lodge is still alive today.

Wings Airways is honored to offer our Taku Glacier Flight & Feast Tour and we hope you will join us on this once in a lifetime experience!